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Out of topic. Well, since Lee Guk-ju is on the variety rise, shouldn't Kim Min-gyeong & Lee Su-ji be threatened at least by her??? XD Also, I know it's too much to request Lee Guk-ju to guest or even just appear at GagCon since she's not KBS (even though she came out at "Happy Together"), but little ask, where is she on (SBS's "UtChatSa", MBC's 4-month old "Comedy Road", or tvN's "Comedy Big League" (where other GagCon alumni are)?
- Anonymous

haha i don’t think they will feel threatened by her, all of them have their own road right? ;)

truthfully i don’t know where she on, i think she from mbc.. and personally, first time i see her not in comedy sketch but in infinity challenge XD


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can i know who is Tony Yoon? you can find him on IG : @shtony325 . I'm followed him yesterday then today he followback my IG ._. and he also add me on wechat since i wrote my wechat id on my IG. He had many picture with gagcon comedian so i wonder who is he. is he stylist, cameraman or sound man(?) ? I hope you can give me quick answer since i already approve his friend request on wechat :)
- Anonymous

i’m sorry for this late reply.. well i don’t really know who is he, but i think he is one of the staff..

Are Kim Giri and Shin Bora still dating??
- Anonymous

so far i know, yes they still dating :)

what shade of pink lipstick do woman who want to date most commonly wear?

During Giri and Bomi's part on god of hip hop, is the background music from an original song?
- Anonymous
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140915-140921 RAW

  • Escaping Crisis No. 1 Ep. 449

Guest: Park Eun Hye, Hyomin (T-ara), Park Hyun Bin

DM, Tudou

  • Our Neighborhood Variety Sports Ep. 71


  • Family Dignity - Full House Ep. 78

Guest: Jung Han Yong, Yook Jung Wan (Rose Motel), Shin So Yul, Jung Ji Won, Jo Hang Ri, Kim Kyung Jin, Baek Ah Young, Oh Jung Tae

DM, TudouYouku

  • The King of Food 

Guest: Kim Jong Kook, Minhyuk (BTOB), Kim Bo Min, Shin Soo Ji


  • I’m a Man Ep. 07

Guest: Sam Hammington

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cr: tvkous, somsatang, pakorea

2 Days & 1 Night : Season 3 - Free Travel in Gunsan Part 2 (Eng Sub)

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men’s first world problem: women’s whatever. 


True story.