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I just read the article on Choiza filling in for Gi Ri because he couldn't make it for the first filming of HC2. Do you have any info on why he had to undergo surgery?
- Anonymous

it’s varicose vein surgery..

Million Seller Ep. 01 (Eng Sub)

Do you know about Kim Gisu (김기수)? He was in an old gag con skit and I tried finding out more about him but everything was in korean. Was he in some kind of scandal? Does he have a profile?

no. truthfully i don’t know about him because i’m not into gagcon back then.. but i search about him, i think he have scandal about ‘controversial same-sex sexual harassment’ i can’t explained more because of my limited korean.. sorry :(

ask  kim gi soo  
First episode of "mr. Peter pan" aired on YouTube! :)
- Anonymous

yes it’s out! but are there have an gagcon members?

hello! do you know of the bgm whenever kim jimin says something in Reveal The Story?
- Anonymous

sorry i don’t know.. maybe someone know?

Do you know the song they use for 고조쇼? Grandpa Gojo whenever he enters and at the start of the skit. If you dont know, thats ok. & Thank You if you do ^.^

for opening it’s Peppertones - Super Fantastic and when i don’t know what song when Grandpa Gojo come..

It's about the old skit, but do you know the bgm of Beggar's Dignity when they turn around and dancing? Thank you :)

It’s Dear by Mad Soul Child :)

Dynamic Duo’s Choiza to Possibly Join “The Human Condition 2” Cast


After filling in for Kim Giri on the recording of “The Human Condition 2,” Choiza of hip-hop group Dynamic Duo is currently in talks to be a recurring member on the KBS variety show.

Representative from KBS has said that although Choiza filled in for Kim Giri, they are still considering numerous factors before bringing him on as a recurring member.

Choiza replaced Kim Giri on the first recording…

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I regret it too! That I started off as friends with you…

OMG. i just realized that i reblogged wrong post in this blog. sorry, i just checked tumblr again today, and i shocked.. ah fool ㅠㅠ

i just..  sorry