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Happy Together Ep. 343 with ‘Golden Cross Casts - Lee Si Young, Kim Kang Woo, Han Eun Jung, Eom Ki Joon’ (Eng Sub)

I'm so looking forward to watching i'm a man! And i hope it gets subbed! (:
- Anonymous

let’s see are kbsworld will upload it to youtube ;)

Is heo gyeongwhan a main host at I'm a man? (The Show with jaesuk?!)
- Anonymous

i don’t know.. when i’m first watching i’m a man teaser it only have 3 members (Yoo Jae Suk, Noh Hong Chul, Im Won Hee) but in episode 1 he became MC too with Jang Dong Min.. as guest MC or main MC i don’t really know.. well, i hope he’s became main host :)

wooooooooot i like your sidebar picture!

i like it too! 


hello my number one source of gag concert! this is a stupid question but what's so funny about "janna" in boom entertainment? is it a pun or something? what kim junho says is never funny to me because i cant understand so i always skip his part. >< thank you and have a nice day!
- Anonymous


Actually Junho’s Jana skit is a play on a particle used in sentences. When ‘jana’ is used at the end of a korean sentence, it kinda means ‘isn’t it?’. So when he names his cat Jana and then overuses that particle in all his sentences, it becomes like wordplay. Same for Gojo haraboji. ‘Go jyo’ is a polite form of ending a sentence when explaining or stating a fact. Kim Junho and Park Seungho share the same kind of humor in their skits. (In case non-koreans don’t get it and find them weird..)

hope you understand! :)

im so happy that jung taeho will be the cast of human condition season 2!
- Anonymous

i’m happy too! :D

I agreed that Jo Yunho looks like Ryu Seung Soo! Even in the latest episode of Running Man where Ryu Seung Soo is the guest, the PD teased him with the reference to Jo Yunho's part in the skit that I wondered whether in that skit in Gag Concert, it is actually a parody to any of Ryu Seung Soo's movie/character before... Or is really there is? Hehe

ah.. i’m not yet watching running man latest episode.. so i don’t know.. well maybe the PD realize similarity both of them? hehe

Hello! Do you know any fansite, tumblr or something about ryu geunji? Gosh, im so in love with this guy! Btw i like your blog and thanks for sharing❤️❤️ (Sorry for bad english :D )
- Anonymous

sorry i don’t know.. maybe someone know?

and thanks for loving my blog! :D

Wew! Good to know Hotaerella will be staying in Human Condition 2. He's my favorite since he is so funny and nice at the same time. Btw, are the duo comedians too?

ah i can’t express my happiness for Jung Taeho joining hc too! :D are you talking about Gaeko? no, he’s famous hip hop artist. because of that i’m excited to see how he united with comedians XD