Gag Concert  

Family’s Dignity: Full House - Ep.71 (Eng Sub)


bornfreeonekiss2: 개콘 최고~! 보고왔지요

Safety First - How to Love Stars/ Air Conditioning (Eng Sub)

Human Condition : Volunteer Farm Work - Part 1 (Eng Sub)

안녕하세요~ Hi there. I'm one of million fans of Gag Concert. I wish to go S.Korea one day and see Gag Concert show live. I wanted to see gag members perform. I've heard that there are no tickets needed to enter, but you need some kind of passes. I wonder if you know the answer? 감사함니다~
- Anonymous

you can try this :)

Hi^^ im getting a liking to park eunyeong ( not the announcer but the one in bboom entertainment) and i just want to ask, does she have any guestings other than gagconcert? ... and also lee munjae?
- Anonymous

i think Lee Munjae is starring in Hello Korea, he also appear in Escaping Crisis few weeks ago

about Park Eun Young, i didn’t know either, i think she barely appear in other show aside gagcon..

About the BGM's: the song for "Concubines" ("Elegy" from "The Housemaid" remake) is right but the vid is wrong. "I Respect You" title card song is "In The Beginning (Sad Ver.)" from the "Queen of Ambition" OST (youtube[.]com[/]watch[?]v=usvHMuw-JpE). Main music in "Rotten Love Affair" is "Fantasy in F Minor, D. 940 I. Allegro molto moderato" by Franz Schubert (reference from the original drama: youtube[.]com[/]watch[?]v=x_u1jrBJGDs)
- Anonymous

ah i’m sorry for wrong video.. and thank you for giving info anon :)

I recently have been looking up photos of the twins (cause who can resist them) and I noticed that Sangho usually wears a ring on his hand. Do you know if he's married? Sorry if this is a stupid question orz
- Anonymous

i don’t think he’s married..

When cool kiz on the block tennis edition gonna air on kbsworld?
- Anonymous

yes, just like before right?



he does care about those idiots