Gag Concert  

Safety First - Escaping Crises/Safety Instructions Ep. 440 with Park Joon Gyu & G.NA (Eng Sub)

Happy together : games between father and son what episode was that
- Anonymous

it’s from 283 episode :)

Why are they mixing the male and female human condition??
- Anonymous

err i don’t know why, but we can get the answer when that episode airing right?

abt human condition..where human condition starting this week aired with new schedule..TUESDAY NIGHT 140722 AFTER DRAMA RUBY RING... I THINK KBSWORLD FORGET TO PRIVATE THIS VID YESTERSDAY -BACK PRIVATE... &THIS VIDEO WILL PUBLIC LATE NIGHT TODAY...
- Anonymous

ok.. ok.. thank you for information :)

Oh thanks for linking me to more pics! (I was the one who asked you about your dp) I really hope Badump Badump will make a comeback on a special episode or something in the future. It was my favourite skit. =]
- Anonymous

you’re welcome! :) i hope it became true too…

The Return of Superman - The twins with Kim Jun Hyun & Yoo Min Sang

what happened with the newest released subbed human condition? i was watched half of it earlier but when i went back it was gone...

oh really? i haven’t watch it yet so…

Hi, is that Munjae and Hyoin in your Tumblr dp? May I know where to find a bigger version of that picture (or more of them if it's for a photoshoot)?
- Anonymous

yap yap! i posted that photoshoot before :)