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Hi! By any chance, do you know when Badump Badump was first aired? Was it during the 2013.07.06 run? Thanks!

no no, first aired is in 2013.06.16 :)

anyone notice that for two weeks in a row, at Old Affair skit, Kim Dae Hui translated as Kim Daesung?
- Anonymous

i noticed it once haha XD

maybe the translator is confused.. but is okay because we know who is who right ;)

Is it really the last time " The King of Ratings " is going to air? 😭

yes last Saturday is the last.. :(

Hi ..
- Anonymous

hi…. (i run out of gifs…. lol)

Oh .. i just read an article in naver that the role of kim jimin in old affair is supposed to be shin bora but bora needs to drop it because of trot lovers. Im not sure tho i can only understand few words. Now, i miss shin bora more but kim ji min is still daebak!!
- Anonymous

really? wow i don’t know about that.. but both of them doing really good now right? ;)

Just want to ask .. does giri have new skit or other one after three friends? And also .. the other friend.. i forgot his name .. the most handsome among the three and the one who has the whitest skin.. Dies he have new skit too?
- Anonymous

no, he not having any skit right now. but we can still see him in human condition :)

ah and Bok Hyun Gyu? no, he not have skit too..

jimin is pretty wearing winding dresses 😍😍😍😍 she gonna be a beautiful bride ❤️❤️
- Anonymous

yes! she indeed beautiful :)

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